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Porthleven Harbour Entrance
Live webcam viewing Porthleven Harbour Entrance in Cornwall
Get a webcam like this for your own website Viewing across the entrance to Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall, this live webcam is situated high up on the warm, cosy and well furnished Chapel Downs holiday cottage. There is a lovely view from here looking across the water in the harbour entrance towards the "Institute" with its clock tower and taking in all the lovely coastline beyond.

In the bad weather you can see the waves battering the shore and buildings there, great for stormwatching.
There are often heavy storms on this coastline which are amazing to watch, and in 2014 the Village was savaged by unprecedented storms which resulted in a large degree of damag to the Harbour. However repairs were mostly completed that same year. There are both fishing and pleasure boats using this harbour bringing in lots of trade to the community.

Celtic House on the Harbour Head is now a successful restaurant and bar and there is a variety of shops and offices at ground level too.

On a stormy day its nice to just sit and watch the sea battering this coastline and trying its hardest to damage the buildings on the pier head. but these old stone buildings were built to last by experienced builders and fishermen from the area and easily withstand the storms and the sands of time.

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We hope you have enjoyed watching this live webcam from Porthleven Harbour in Cornwall UK.
Map showing the location of this live streaming webcam from Porthleven Harbour Cornwall
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