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USB Video Grabber
USB Video Capture With Audio

Our latest Video and Audio to USB converters will convert Composite video and stereo audio, plus S-Video source's to USB so it can be fed directly into a PC or laptop. They are easily fitted in seconds and operate with most software that can read USB video devices including webcam and video editing software and they are fully compatible with our live streaming service. Our USB video grabbers are plug and play with windows 10 including drivers for Skype and other IM systems. Just plug it in and after a few seconds the device is installed and ready to use with your favourite webcam/video capture software. Our USB video capture devices will work on all Windows operating systems from XP to Windows 10 in 32 or 64 bit configurations and will also work on the Apple MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later. For more information and help see our Video Grabber FAQ

Connect Composite Video and Audio to USB 2

USB Video Grabber

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USB Video Grabber Specification  

Now one great device for the major desktop operating systems.
Compatible with Windows XP right up to Windows 10, and with
32 or 64 bit versions and even Apple MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later.

Resolution up to 720 x 480 PAL, 720 x 576 NTSC.
Frame Rate up to 25 FPS Pal, 30 FPS NTSC.
USB 2.0 Standard interface.
Complete with small USB extender cable for hard to reach ports.
Plug and Play
Extra Free Windows software.

Device is plug and play on Windows 10 and Mac, it is also supplied with extra drivers which enable the video grabber to be used with webcam, video editing and instant messaging software like Skype etc. on older systems, so you can use it with your favourite applications and it comes with a great discount offer on our streaming service if you want to stream your video and audio to your web site too.

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USB Video Capture Connection Diagram

USB Video Capture device connection diagram

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Our USB Video Grabber works with most Free and Commercial Windows video editing software, and for MAC users a copy of Videoglide is included. So if you want to know how to copy your VHS or Betamax video tapes to DVD then this little device is ideal for the job on Windows or MAC computers.

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