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Streaming Encoder Software

Using Third Party Streaming Encoder software with our Live Streaming Services

With the Camsecure Webcam Hosting and Live Streaming Services you have a number of options for streaming your feed. You can use the Free PC based encoder we supply with the account or you can use any RTSP compatible cameras and hardware directly.

However some customers, especially those who have used other services may wish to use their own encoder or software package they have become familiar with or purchased previously, and thats fine too as we support many third party encoders.

Some of the most common encoder's regularly in use are OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) which is available for Windows Mac and Linux, and Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder (FLME) and Telestream Wirecast which are available for PC and Mac but there are many other encoders too. Sample configuration screens for OBS, Flash Live Media Encoder and Wirecast plus a few other common encoders are shown below. As you will see the setup screens are all fairly similar.

OBS - Open Broadcaster Software
Format for entering your account details in OBS for connection to the Camsecure streaming service

Use OBS Studio with Camsecure Streaming Services
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder settings
When you start your streaming plan you will receive an email with information about your account.

If you have chosen to use software encoders on a computer rather than an IP camera, then this will include the URL of the media servers that your registered on, your user name, alias and password for using our own software. For FLME first you need to put the URL of the media servers into the section marked FMS URL.

This will be mostly as shown but with the word "camera" substituted for your own alias name that we will provide you with.

Next in the section marked Stream put the word livestream to identify to our servers that it is indeed a live camera. Then when all the settings are complete, click the connect button and after a few seconds the encoder should show connected which means the path is now open to the media servers. Then when you want to start broadcasting just click the start button and the encoder will start pushing your stream straight to our media servers for distribution to all your viewing audience.

For Wirecast the procedure is the same although the control panel looks a little different and this is shown below. Substitute "camera" for your own alias.
Wirecast Settings for Camsecure Streaming

Wirecast Encoder for the MAC

Wirecast for MAC settings

The procedure is similar for all encoders but please feel free to contact us with any queries on using your preferred encoder with our system. We have successfully tried and verified the following encoders to be fully compatible, FLME, Wirecast, Open Broadcaster Software, xSplit, Digital Rapids TouchStream, NewTek Tricaster, Teradek Cube and VidiU, DiscoverVideo Streamsie RTMP encoders, plus VLC and FFMpeg open source encoders for MPEG2-TS streams over UDP.

Below is a selection of screenshots from common mobile apps that can be used to stream live to the Camsecure live streamingservice. Just substitute the "rtmp" url and the alias "Camera8" in the pictures for the url and alias we will provide you with when you sign up for your streaming account. Dont forget to keep the other characters the same including the ":" etc.

Encoder Settings for Camsecure streaming service
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