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High Definition CCTV Systems

HD (high definition) CCTV is far better than the old conventional analogue system and in order to allow the cost effective upgrade from conventional CCTV to HD our Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) allow you to connect conventional analogue cameras, HD analogue cameras and even HD IP cameras to the same unit. We have a wide range of cameras and accessories and even under water cameras and solar power systems  for CCTV and recreational use, and now we have an excellent ANPR camera and control system too. So have a good look at our range and contact us if you cant see what you need or if you just want to ask a question. Our Knowledge base is crammed with useful information too.

Solid State Infra Red lamps use very high power IR LED's for superb performance with very long life.

HD all in one cameras which can use existing standard CCTV cable.

HD eyeball style cameras can use existing standard coaxial cabling.

HD PTZ dome cameras in CVI format connect to our DVR's over normal coax cable.

Our underwater cameras have many uses with different models and kits to choose from.

High Definition IP Cameras ranging from 720P right up to 4K resolution.

SD or HD comptaible cameras can be switched to work on conventional SD or HD systems.

Joystick Controllers for PTZ domes using the PELCO protocol.

Network Video Recorders (NVR) for recording your IP cameras over your network

Digital video recorders and network recorders for analogue and HD cameras.

All the brackets, mounts, boxes and other stuff you need to make a professional installation.

Metal cased glass front monitors easy to clean and built to last from 5 to 17 inch displays.

HD Professional Monitors with metal case and glass front up to 42 inch displays available.

CCTV power supplies including 12 volt DC, 24 volt AC and POE units for IP cameras.

Solar Power systems for CCTV, lighting or portable and recreational use.

Wireless CCTV Transmission equipment for analogue, HD and IP camera systems.

Distributors, Amplifiers, Splitters and range extenders for Analogue, CVI and IP systems.

Surge protectors for analogue, HD CVI and IP based CCTV equipment.

Video transmission over CAT5 for HD or conventional CCTV cameras.

All the cables leads and plugs you need plus some useful tools to help bring it all together.

Weatherproof Microphone for use with CCTV or IP Webcams when you need to add audio plus mini internal microphones.

Tough mobile systems in HD with WiFi and 4G connectivity and GPS options available, 6 to 36 Volt DC Operation.

DVR Cards for recording analogue cameras to Windows or Linux computers.

ANPR Camera for automated gate and barrier control. Use in stand alone mode or as part of a larger system.

An HD RF Modulator that lets you feed your HDMI signal from a DVR or other source to HD DVB TV's via coax.

HDMI Splitters let you split a single HDMI output into multiple outputs so you can view on more than one monitor or TV.

More Coming Soon

For the best in HD CCTV and HD IP CCTV you need look no further and as our new Digital Video Recorders are able to take your old cameras too you can slowly upgrade to HD over time as your budget permits while still using your old analogue cameras on the same system.

Our Infra Red LED lamps are used all over the world for CCTV, Webcams and animal migration studies and are long life and very tough - but make sure your camera is truly IR sensitive first and if its not then why not upgrade your camera too.

If you have any queries on any of our products please just contact us and we will be able to help.

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