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Live Channel Service

The Camsecure "Live Channel" option lets you turn your live webcam or webcams into a customised live broadcast. It is a collection of broadcasts and files to be streamed to a schedule. You can have live cameras or other broadcasts switch in to your live channel automatically throughout the day and have the channel switch to pre-recorded material at certain intervals too. This means you can have a schedule set up which will switch between live cameras and show video adverts or demonstration videos at pre-set intervals throughout a 24 hour cycle, your own live channel.

Live Channel Demonstration

Live Channel Demonstration with scheduled video.

Here is a simple demonstration of how it works. Here we have set up a channel schedule to show a selection of live cameras and other broadcasts.

Some live cameras attract a lot of visitors who stay on line to the camera for long periods. This is typically scenic webcams, wildlife webcams, railways etc. so a selection of short adverts at preset intervals could be quite an attractive proposition for local companies or for suppliers of goods related to your camera theme e.g. wildlife or animal supplies and equipment.

Of course you dont want to annoy your viewers so its best not to have adverts or other video's popping up every few minutes as this could drive viewers away, but strategically timed videos could be very effective and useful, just like on TV.

If you are switching in different cameras then you could add a program list to your web page so viewers know "whats on next".

Some ideas on how you can use your live channel

Switching between cameras: - If you have more than one camera and dont want to show them all at the same time e.g. an outside camera during the day and an inside camera during the night.

Information videos:- Broadcast a brief information video about the camera, the weather station it is running on or the company running the camera at preset intervals.

Advertising:- This one is obvious, show adverts from your paying advertisers at peak viewing times to generate extra revenus from your camera.

Subscriptions:- Make the live channel Free to view but charge a small fee for viewers to watch the completely advert free camera feed if they wish to.

Video Only broadcast :- You can even set your live channel up as a video broadcast channel with informative material about anything you like to a schedule - but you must take care not to break the law by broadcasting copyright material thats not yours of course.
Heres how it works

Once you have your live camera set up you can add the live channel option to your hosting account. Decide what you want your live channel to do e.g. switch between live cameras, show videos and at what intervals, you pay for the number of intervals in a 24 hour period but they can be at any time over that period, so you could have 4 adverts run at peak viewing times only or 4 adverts to run, two morning, two afternoon etc. and each time revert back to the same camera or a different one, like different TV programs.

Once you have subscribed to the number of intervals via the connection form you can upload your videos and tell us if you want to switch between cameras (if you have more than one with us) or just tell us which feed the live channel is to operate with. Then we will set up your live channel feed and provide you with a demonstration page just like when you signed up for your live camera feed so all you need to do to get your working channel straight into your site is copy and paste the code we give you into your own web page.

The live channel works as an extra to your live cameras so you still have the live camera feeds available to do with as you wish plus the live channel which shows your cameras, videos and adverts at your chosen intervals.

Once it is set up you can upload new videos or adverts and change them as often as you wish, but you cant alter the timing, we do that for you. So once you are sure at what schedule you want your broadcasts to operate under, your set to go and can change you recorded content at will.

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