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Webcam Hosting and Streaming

Our webcam hosting service enables you to stream live video and audio from your webcams and other sources, directly to your own website in real time. The live stream can be viewed on Desktop PC's, laptops, Mobile Phones iPads and Tablets in their web browsers.

The service operates with both HTTP (normal) and HTTPS (secure) websites and can be set up in minutes using a standard broadband internet connection.

See the Full Webcam Hosting Feature List Here and choose the plan thats right for you. You can use any USB webcam or an RTSP compatible IP Camera, and we have a wide range of compatible high specification IP cameras plus our Plug and Play range so you only need to connect the camera up at your location and you are all set with a live streaming webcam. You can also connect microphones and other audio sources or stream directly from your mobile phone.

Your live cameras or other broadcasts can be watched using all the main web browsers in use by computers and mobile devices straight away just by browsing to your web page.  Check our Webcam Hosting FAQ section for more information.

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How The System Works

Our webcam hosting and live streaming system takes a single feed from your camera and feeds it into our media servers. Our system then converts it so it can be viewed on all computers, smartphones and tablet devices.

We give you a small piece of HTML code which loads the video player into your page using an iframe, and you insert this in your own web page where you want your live camera to appear.

Then when anyone views your web cam page, the code requests the camera feed from the media servers. The system then sends or "rebroadcasts" the video stream to the computer, smartphone or tablet in the correct format to play on that device.

There is only one connection from your camera to our servers so the load on your broadband is minimal. As more people connect to your camera they are fed the same camera feed from our media servers, so there is no increase in load on your broadband as more viewers connect, its all handled by our system. This ensures your viewers all get the same high quality picture and your camera and router will not crash under the load. You see a real time smooth streaming live picture pretty much as its happening, with only a few seconds delay between the actual event and seeing it on your screen as the stream is buffered by the servers.

There is a choice of player styles to match in with your web site design which appears the same on mobile devices, tablets and computers. The live streaming service will stream sound too so if your camera supports audio you can have a real time audio video experience on your website for your visitors to enjoy.

By moving the mouse over the live display any available controls will show up like volume control and the Full Screen option too. Prices for live streaming start at just £2.99 per month and includes standard definintion or HD streams plus audio if applicable.

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Connect Your IP Cameras Directly to our System.

You can connect almost any H264 - RTSP IP camera to our system and stream directly to the media servers without the need for a PC. The camera connects to your router and our servers pull the feed straight from it. We will even log on remotely and set it all up for you.

Use our Plug and Play Cameras.

With our plug and play IP camera range you just need to fit the camera, apply power and plug it in to your router and your HD stream is live and ready to be added to your own web site.

Connect our Plug and Play PTZ cameras. 

Our PTZ cameras will automatically pan tilt and zoom to points of your choosing to really show off the views you want to share with your website visitors for a really lovely dynamic webcam display.

Connect our Plug and Play FTP webcam.

Even in very low bandwidth areas you can combine our super HD FTP webcam with our secure service easily and simply just like our live streaming cameras, to give your viewers stunning snapshots from your vantage point.

Other Sources or Special Streaming Requirement?

If you need to stream from a source not listed here or have any special streaming requirements please Contact Us to discuss them.

Audio Streaming

you can stream high quality audio feeds in conjunction with a camera or on its own. Set up your own Internet Radio station or stream ceremonies and services (video and audio) so relatives who cant attend can still be part of the moment.

Use For Industrial Monitoring

You can stream the screen of your control PC or even just part of the screen. So if you have a PC display showing Process Control, Plant Status or other gauges you can stream that so its available on your mobile or other computers anywhere in the world. So another factory can monitor your screen status as if they were sitting there and you can move around the plant with the information displayed on your smart phone so you are kept informed while away from your post.

What ever you choose to stream there are no time or bandwidth limitations. you choose the service according to the total number of simultaneous viewers you think you will need. Just to be clear, by simultaneous viewers we mean the number of people able to see the camera at the same time. If you have a 40 viewer plan then there is no limit to how many people could view the camera during a 24 hour period, you may have 1000 viewers who potentially could all view the camera, but only a maximum of 40 people would be able to watch at exactly the same time. If you had the 100 viewer plan then the simultaneous viewer count is increased to 100 and so on, but there are no limits to the number of viewers other than this and no data limits.

Viewing Live Streams Through School and Company Networks

Many Schools, Companies and Organisations have strict network policies and will block all unsolicited traffic through their firewalls which can prevent live video feeds from being viewed. If you need to be able to view live streams from your cameras or project camera out in the field then we can broadcasts your stream via HTTPS live streaming which will be available on all machines with Internet access within your organisation.

Need A Totally Secure Stream?

We can give you a fully encrypted stream that will pass straight through your company firewalls and be available to anyone in your organisation using a secure player which you can install in your own web pages for secure monitoring.

Have a look through our webcam hosting FAQ and other sections for more information on Prices and Services and Contact Us Here if you cant find what you are looking for.

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