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Playing Your Live Stream

To show your live streaming camera on your own web site, you will need a player embedded in your page. This is a simple task to perform, you simply paste the code we give you into your page where you want the live picture to appear. There are a few player options to choose from, each with different features and styles with customisation options for Business and Professional accounts. HTTPS is now standard on all accounts. View this page on a PC or Mac to show the complete selection available.

Select a player to try from the drop down list.

Mobile compatible player works on all devices.

View this page on a PC or Mac to see all the styles available.

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Take some time and have a look at the different player options and read the information on each player to help you make a decision on what is going to be the best for your site. For most users the standard player will be the best choice and is the most cross browser and device freindly player i.e. it works on over 99% of Devices, Operating Systems and Browsers.

What is Latency? Latency in terms of your webcam is a time delay between the cause and the effect of some physical change in the picture being observed. That is how long before a change viewed by the camera is seen by your web page viewer. Normally this can be anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds using the standard, player due to its conversion technique for utmost compatibility, and this will be fine for most cases.

If you do have a requirement for very low latency for your application and/or some of the specialist features we can provide for your specialist site then have have a look at our Web RTC and Web Socket players which should fit the bill and have very low latency. 

On Business and Professional accounts you can have a graphic logo overlaid on the live picture as you will see on some of the examples and there are extra features available too according to your player choice. Now you can also add some player customisation and these extra features to basic and standard accounts from our Streaming Extra's selection too.
Player 1 - Standard Player -  Compatible For All Devices

Our standard HTML5 player is highly popular and included on all accounts. Its responsive design means it will resize to fit your page as your web page resizes according to the device and screen size being used.

On computers the picture will start up automatically as soon as your viewer logs on to your camera page, while on some portable devices you may have to simply tap the play button to sart the player.

Player has pause and play controls, a volume and mute control (for streams with audio only) and a full screen button

Some customisation of the player can made for you if you are on the Business or Pro accounts or if you have added the customisation option to another package. This includes your own logo or no logo at all, repositioning of the full screen icon and a personalised loading graphic if required.

Compatible with 99% of all modern browsers and devices, this is the player of choice for the utmost browser and hardware compatibility for your web site display.

Player 2 - Super Low Latency Web RTC PLayer

Our Web RTC player is ideal for when you need really low latency with the displayed live video typically a maximum of 1-3 seconds behind real time .

The player is fast to load and run and has Pause/Play option, Full Screen mode and a very useful Picture In Picture (PIP) mode.

This player is for low latency live streaming only and does not have time shift playback or playlist capability.

The Web RTC player is supported on any modern OS and mobile device with hardware decoding and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Brave browsers.  

If the lowest latency stream is what you need for computers and mobile devices with a good variety of browser support then this is the player to choose.

Player 3 - Web Socket Player with Low Latency

Our Web Socket player uses Media Source Extensions to provide a low latency player with some added features which may be important for use on some specialised web sites.

This player can also be used with our time shifted playback feature for instant rewind of live cameras which is included with the professional account, and this can be added to any other account too providing this player is used.

This player is not quite as cross browser/device compatible as players 1 & 2. It will run on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows and on Safari on the Mac. It will also operate on Chrome and Firefox on Android devices but Apple IOS does not yet support it so when Apple devices try to view the stream with this player it will switch in the standard player instead.

Customisation is limited to a splash screen, colour of the control bar, off air custom video, and custom test cards. Customisation only available on certain accounts.

This player fits the bill If you need low latency as a priority with computer viewers as your main target audience and is the smoothest for use with the Live Channel feature.

Player 4 - Flash Player (old style)

Flash is now pretty much obsolete in computer and mobile browsers. Although still in use in some systems, most browsers are steering away from it and will no doubt stop supporting it in the not too distant future.

However, some much older browsers and operating systems are not capable of using HTML5 or other technologies so this player may still have some use for specialised web sites that are reluctant to give up Flash.

Also many smart TV browsers have embedded flash and are not HTML5 compliant and many set top boxes still use embedded flash in their operating systems for displaying live video content.

So we still offer a Flash only player for those systems and users who are intent on using Flash, and this player is also switched in automatically by our low latency player if it detects an old flash only system is trying to play the live feed.

Customisation is limited to a logo and splash screen, but the system does allow for up to 12 x hours of timeline - instant playback if required.

More Player Options

The players demonstrated are the most commonly used and have the most compatibility for streaming to computers and mobile devices in use today.

However we can also provide streams in other formats along with players for them if you need them for a particular use or project.

These include:-

Windows Media - Windows Media Player

Microsoft Smooth Streaming - Microsoft Silverlight

MPEG2-TS Broadcasting - Set Top Boxes

These methods are not cross browser compatible and are not really suited for mobile viewing but some specialised sites still use these methods for in house broadcasting or for specific target audiences.

Just contact us if you need your broadcast in one of these other formats.

Our players are simple to install in your own web pages. They are brought in to your page via an "iframe" so as player and browser technology changes the players are updated and brought into your web site automatically, meaning you dont have to keep changing codes or parameters, our players will always be up to date and giving you the best media experience to share with your site visitors.
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