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Street Watch Live - Bristol
Bristol community street watch streaming webcam
Get a webcam like this for your own website Camsecure IP products have a great many uses. Here we have a camera used for security being streamed and recorded through our live streaming service and the streets residents are able to view the camera live at any time on any device including mobile phones, and even play back recordings too.

This is a really good security feature as at any time there could be hundreds of eyes looking at the live camera and looking back at recordings checking all is well, a true high level neighbourhood watch system without any one person needing to take full responsibility no recording devices to wear out.
This particular camera is made fully public but there are others which are only for the eyes of the residents and of course all recorded footage can only be viewed by residents with the appropriate password so the system is still very secure as well as being freely available.

Mouse over the live picture and select full screen for an even better view.

Live webcams can be put to a great many uses and in addition to our cameras we also provide a 
real time streaming and hosting service. If you would like an HD webcam installed with a real time live feed to your own website then please contact us.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing this live Camsecure webcam from Bristol in the UK.

We have many other interesting live cameras to watch too so take some time and have a good browse through our website. 
Map showing the location of this live streetwatch webcam from Bristol in South West UK.
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