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FTP Webcam Hosting

Our secure FTP webcam hosting service is designed to allow those with poor internet connections or high data restrictions to still be able to show a relatively live webcam feed.

Rather than a continual live stream this uses the method of securely uploading a static image (snapshot) every X seconds and then the latest image can be viewed on the customers website at that interval. The latest image automatically updates in the web page so the viewer can see the image change at the interval chosen.

While this is not as good as a real time live video feed the image updates can be set anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minute intervals and the images can be very high resolution too providing a lovely static image update. This will work on the poorest of connections and can also be used where there are severe data restrictions so you dont go over your allowance like on a remote 4G connection with poor coverage for example.

Demonstration FTP camera with 1 minute picture update.

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How Our FTP Hosting Works.

The image is uploaded securely from our special camera and then our system securely rebroadcasts the image to your embed code we supply you. The image is delivered fully HTTPS and secure so it can be shown in any web page and will be domain locked to your web site to prevent hot linking to the image by others - or you can choose to share with another site if you wish. There is no extra load on your website for the image transfers to your viewers either as they are transmitted from our secure service straight to the code you embed in your web page, so all the load for this is handled by our service and the only load at the site is the static picture upload data which can be very small depending on the picture interval chosen. There are no data limits on image transfer to your code either so you can have thousands of viewers all enjoying your images.

Our secure FTP webcam hosting is priced at just £1.99 per month with unlimited viewers and needs to be purchased at the same time you purchase the FTP webcam. When you get the FTP camera it is supplied complete with a POE injector power unit to power the camera up the same data cable you install between the router and the camera, so just plug it all in and it will start uploading images to our system ready to display on your website. Once you have put the code in your page the latest image will start to display in your web page at the interval chosen. No programming, fully secure HTTPS compliant webcam images straight to your web page. No need to program cameras routers or servers, No fuss.

Once the camera is registered on our system we can always change the frequency of the image update, display text etc. what ever you like securely from within the system. This is a managed service to keep security and integrity of the image feed high.

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