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Outdoor Webcams - IP and USB

Outdoor Webcams can be really useful and great fun too. Camsecure Outdoor Webcams are specially designed to be used outdoors, they are fully weatherproof with IP and IK ratings, and ideal for your own web site. Our Outdoor Webcams and kits are available in a variety of models, they can be used stand alone or streamed through our webcam hosting service and fall into two main categories.

Live Outdoor IP Webcam

You can install the webcam yourself or take advantage of our webcam installation service, and if you need a smooth live feed then you cant beat our webcam hosting service.

Outdoor IP Webcams connect directly to your router so there is no need to have a computer switched on at the camera location. Our outdoor IP webcams can stream in full HD too.

Outdoor USB Webcams connect to a spare USB port on your PC or MAC. They can still stream live to your website through our hosting service using software on the machine.

Live Outdoor USB Webcam

The differences between IP and USB webcams will determine which type is best for your needs.

With an IP camera, all the electronics to produce and transmit the pictures over the Internet are built in to the camera so you have no need for a computer for your camera once it has been set up. IP cameras are now full HD too and produce stunning results. There are even WiFi models for when cabling is to difficult for a wired camera.

If you already have a computer switched on and running all the time where the camera is going to be, and if you want to use specific software for recording or doing other image processing tasks in addition to transmitting your pictures then you may opt for the lower cost USB variety.

Which ever type you choose we supply the code you need to put your camera on your web site and both types are fully compatible with our live streaming and webcam hosting services.

An Outdoor Webcam must have a range of specific features and qualities in order to operate properly as an outdoor webcam and the Camsecure range of Weatherproof Outdoor Webcams have them all. These qualities include:

1) They must be completely weatherproof with an IP Rating so they can withstand all weather with a minimum of maintenance.

2) They must produce a high quality image and be suitable for time lapse or live streaming mode.

3) An auto iris lens is essential for correct viewing under varying lighting conditions.

4) Built in IR Lights for night viewing are highly desirable. Some Camsecure outdoor webcams have mechanical IR Cut filters too.

5) Dual Glass Technology is essential for clear outdoor webcam pictures at night to prevent IR reflection back into the camera lens.

6) Ability to mount the outdoor webcam a long distance from Router or PC.

7) The webcams must display on all graphic web browsers, web sites and mobile devices with ease.

8) Outdoor webcams must be easily incorporated into the users own website plus be able to operate with hosting services if required.

Both IP and USB types are excellent for Scenery Webcams, Security Webcams, Wild Life Watching, Building Site Webcams, Business Webcams, Add ons for Weather Station Software, making time lapse videos and movies of on going or long term projects such as building and construction work, in fact anything you need to view outdoors.

We hope you have fun with your webcam project and look forward to assisting you, and if you need any information or guidance on our services or products then please contact us.

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