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Streaming to your own website

Putting a real time live camera stream on your own website is easy with the Camsecure webcam hosting service.

First of all you need to sign up for a streaming account here. All the options and prices are clearly listed and you can add extras to customise the low cost plans too.

Once you have signed up you will be taken to a welcome page which has a form to fill in telling us exactly what you need so we can set up your streaming account.

USB Webcams

If you choose the USB webcam option you will be emailed a link to the software download page where you can download the software and user manual so you can connect your USB webcam to the streaming servers. This email will also include your log in details to put into the software so you can put your camera on line.

IP Webcams

If you choose the IP camera option a section on the form will appear so you can fill in the details of your connection and your camera type etc. If you are able to fill these details in, we can connect to your camera very quickly. If you are not sure about the details or would prefer us to log in remotely and set it all up for you then just tick the box for "please contact me" and we will email you to arrange a remote log in session to configure the camera.

Once you are connected to the system using either option we will email you a link to your own camera's demo / test page.

This page is just a plain white HTML page with only your camera on it so you can see it working. The easiest way to get the code into your own web page is to use your preferred browsers "View Source" option which will show you all the code in the page with the parts you need clearly marked. Once you can see this you can simply copy the code from your test page and paste it straight into your own web page where you want the camera to appear.

This is a very easy process but anything can seem a little confusing when you try to do it the first time, so if you are at all lost with what to do next or how to accomplish part of the procedure just contact us and we will be able to help.

Happy Streaming.

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