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plug and play IP Webcams and Cameras
Plug & Play Turret Webcam

Our immensely popular wide angle Plug and Play IP webcam for website integration via the Camsecure Live Streaming Service. The turret design allows for easy adjustment of the viewing direction and its wide angle 2.8mm lens provides a 107 degree horizontal field of view. Camera is weatherproof to IP67 level and it has a wide dynamic range for a lovely colour image plus good IR light built in for up to 30 metres range during darkness

Plug and Play with our service means once the physical installation is complete, within a couple of minutes of powering it up the camera will be on line to our media servers and your live video stream is ready to add to your own web page. 

Camera can be powered from 12 volts DC or via POE (up the ethernet cable) and a POE injector is included with this camera.

You can purchase the camera, Injector and 1 years basic streaming all together if you wish or if you need to get a larger streaming plan you can sign up for the one you need here instead.

Plug and Play Turret IP Webcam

Plug And Play Professional IP Webcam

From £140.00


You can add Basic streaming from the dropdown above. If you need larger streaming plans then just order the camera with POE but please remember to sign up here after ordering the plug and play camera. You must have a streaming account in place before the camera is dispatched so the camera can be programmed all ready for you to use.

Plug And Play Streaming Webcam Specification

Resolution up to full HD 1080P
Progressive scan
Maximum IR illuminator range 30 metres
Focal length 2.8mm
Field of view Horizontal: 107°; Vertical: 56°; Diagonal: 127°
Close focus distance 0.7M
Max frame rate 25FPS
H264 encoding
Auto Day/night switching.
Mirror function
Easy fix base
Operating temperature  –40 °C to +60 °C 
IP67 Weatherproof

An excellent low cost wide angle webcam for your website, plug and play so no camera or router programming required.

Easy to adjust with adjustable turret mount and head rotation so you can ensure you get a squared up picture no matter what angle the mounting surface is at.

So in order to physically install this camera correctly you will need to wire a network cable from the camera back to the router with RJ45 plugs on each end. you will need to ensure all connections are correct and totally weatherproof of course. Then you plug the camera in to the POE injector, plug the Injector in to the router (and the mains supply of course) and your good to go.

Once its all plugged in and powered up it will automatically connect to your account and start streaming to your embedded player in your own web pages via the code we provide you with. Adding the code is simply a matter of pasting it into your page where you want the camera to appear.

This sytem will work on all domestic Internet connections and most commercial Internet connections too without any problem, but if you are planning on using it within a school or government network for example, then you may find that port and data restrictions are in force to prevent website surfing and other systems too in order to lock down employee access to some services. If this is the case then you will need to check on this with the network administrator first and contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

In addition to plug and play operation via the Camsecure live streaming and webcam hosting service, the camera can also be used as a conventional IP camera if you do not want to stream via our service, and full instructions are included. 

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