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IP Webcams and Cameras
HD Standard Lens P&P Webcam

Designed to work with our plug and play streaming service, this IP webcam has a slick 4 Megapixel sensor for a lovely crisp display and an easy adjust integral arm bracket with a 3 axis gimbal allowing the camera picture to be squared up no matter where it has to be mounted.  As with all our IP cameras It is fully compatible with our live streaming service but this model is also plug and play, so all you do is install it, wire it and plug it in and your stream will be available within just a couple of minutes. It even has audio so you can add audio to your live stream to add that extra dimension to your display if you wish.

When you order the camera you can also add your preferred choice of powering the camera i.e. use a 12 volt power unit or use the included POE injector which is the recommended power method. You can also add basic streaming at the same time - but if you need a larger streaming plan then you can go here to set that up. With our plug and play streaming service cameras you need to set up your streaming account before we can dispatch the camera as we program the camera with your account details prior to dispatch so all you have to do is plug it in to get it on line. Once your signed up we email you the code you need for your own web site so you can add that asap and ready for when the camera arrives so you can get up and running smoothly and straight away. 

Remember that streams for websites have to ensure compatibilty with the internet connection they are used on and be available to view on mobile devices too so the actual stream level that will broadcast to your page will not be at the full 4MP rate as if it were being used on a local recorder but at a rate to ensure compatibility and produce the best image on all devices and still in HD. For more information check out our streaming section and our streaming FAQ's.

4 Megapixel Plug and Play IP Webcam

5 Megapixel IP Camera With Plug and Play

From £150.00


POE injector is included with this camera and if you want to order the basic streaming for 1 year you can do that here too. Otherwise if you need a bigger streaming plan or would prefer the monthy recurring payment method for streaming then you can sign up here. Remember you need a streaming plan in place before we can dispatch the plug and play camera.

4 Megapixel Camera Specification

Image Sensor 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS
Full HD webcam display on your own website 1080P
Up to 25FPS
Warm light illuminator for colour display even in very low light.
Illuminator range up to 30 metres
Field of view Horizontal 81° × Vertical 44° × Diagonal 97°
H264 encoding
Wide Dynamic Range for lovely colour picture
Mirror Function
Privacy mask with 4 areas available
Operating temperature –40 °C to +60 °C less than ≤ 95% RH
IP67 weatherproof
Power Supply PoE: 802.3af, Class 3 preferred method

An excellent low cost camera option for your website. Fully plug and play so no camera or router programming is needed. Warm light illuminator for very low light colour display (may be disabled if required) Small and neat in a conventional camera body style

Please take time to read our FAQ's abour webcam streaming too so that you understand about bit rate and resolution pertaining to viewing properly on all devices including mobiles and tablets. We will set your camera up to the best quality available that will work correctly on your Internet connection and allow viewing on the most proportion of mobile devices and computers.

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