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Playing Your Live Stream

You will need a player embedded in your web page in order to play your live camera feed, or video's from your live channel on your own website. We provide a smart player that will run directly in your browser on Windows PC, Mac computers and Linux machines, and even on Android and Apple mobile phones and tablet devices too. So with this player your pretty much covered. The player uses HTML5 in compatible browsers and operating systems and reverts to Flash if your using an older Browser or OS thats not fully compatible with the latest HTML5 system. This player is simple to embed using just a line of code, and then you also benefit from future player updates or upgrades without having to modify your code - it just happens. This is the best player and recommended for the fastest, easiest and most cross device compatible method of embedding your stream into your own web site.

We also provide a Flash only player which is ideal if you are only going to be using your feed with Flash compatible machines or if you intend streaming to the browsers used in Smart TV's etc. and in this case you can then make use of the flash "time shift playback" feature. If you really want to, we can also stream your feed to run in Windows Media players or Microsoft Silverlight and can provide you with players for these media types too - but for the most compatibility with multiple devices we recommend our cross browser player.

Here are demonstrations of these two players. If your device is not compatible with a player type then of course you wont be able to watch it on this demonstration page, so view it on the type of devices used by your target audience to see how it performs.

Best Cross Browser Player for Computers and Mobiles - Recommended.

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By re-sizing the height and width in the code we provide, you can re-size the player to fit your page design as you wish. The player is also "Responsive" which means that if your web site is responsive designed and re-sizes to fit different screen sizes, then the player will resize too. Mouse over the live picture to bring up the pause, play and volume controls plus the full screen icon in the top right corner. Clicking in the live picture will pause or re-start the feed too. On the "Pro" account we can even put your site name on the players control bar for you.

Flash Player - Not Mobile Compatible.

Flash Player

This player must have Adobe Flash installed to operate. Some browsers and operating systems are starting to turn away from Flash in favour of HTML5, but many systems still embrace Flash too. The browsers in most Smart TV's are not HTML5 compatible but already have Flash installed when you buy them so if your intending to set up a display system using Smart TV's and other machines that are running Flash then this player can be used to great effect. 

Although not so cross browser compatible and not compatible with mobile devices at all, for a Flash delivery system it is ideal an be used with the "Time Line" feature that is only compatible with Flash players. This allows you to use a slider in the player to move backwards and then forwards to real time again for up to 720 minutes (12 hours) and this is only available with the dedicated Flash player.

So if you want the most compatibility across all browsers and operating systems with the minmum of cross browser issues you should go for the HTML5 player. If you want a Flash delivery system with the instant time shift playback feature then the Flash only player would be the choice. You can also use your own 3rd party player if you prefer and we will provide you with the string details you need for the feed URL to input to your player code on request - although we cant provide technical support for other 3rd party players of course, for this you would need to contact the players technical support section.

If you need your stream to be broadcast in a particular format for a specific use e.g. the old Windows Media format, MPEG2-TS, or MS Smooth Streaming formats then just let us know and we will adjust the stream for you.
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