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Our PCI and PCI-E DVR and capture cards will work on Windows operating systems from XP up to Windows 7 - 32 bit and will also work on Linux machines using Zoneminder. Some of the cards have audio recording and some allow two cards to be fitted in the same machine to build up to a 32 channel PC based DVR. PCI video capture cards and DVR cards plug into a spare PCI or PCI-E (pci express) slot in your computer and allow you to view and record standard analogue CCTV cameras as if you were using a dedicated Digital Video Recorder. Some of our capture cards will work with third party software like Active Webcam, iCatcher and Eyespy etc. and some are specifically suited to Zoneminder for Linux. Our PCI slot information page will help you to check if a card is compatible with your PC expansion slots.

4 Channel BT878a chip capture card using single BT878a chip. 20 FPS total frame rate across the card. Windows 7 - 32 bit.
Full Specification


PCI Express BT878a chip Capture Card PCIE interface, 4 to 16 channels, 4 channel audio, 120FPS and up to 2 x cards in one machine.
Full Specification


4 to 16 channel BT878 capture card with 4 channel audio. Windows 7 - 32 bit compatible, 120 FPS across the card.
Full Specification


4 to 16 channel BT878 chip card, 4 channel audio, Windows 7, 120 FPS. Up to 2 x cards can be used in same machine for 32 channel system. Full Specification


8 Channel SAA7130 chip PCIE capture card high performance DVR card, Windows and Zoneminder compatible, PCI Express slot.
Full Specification


The original single BT878a chip 4 channel card is now obsolete.

Substitute Model Available

The Kodicom 4400 capture card is no longer manufactured.

Substitute Model Available

The Kodicom 8800 capture card is no longer in production.

Substitute Model Available

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