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Webcam Hosting Extra's

Customise your basic or standard webcam hosting package to how you want it by adding just the extra's you need (Pro plan has everything included already). Just select from the list of add on extra's below and these will be billed separately each month, so you can always remove them later if you dont need them any more.

Add Compatibility With Mobile Devices To Your Basic Package

If your using the basic package on Flash only as thats plenty big enough for your needs but would like your mobile viewers to be able to see your camera too then just add iphone and Android streaming to your package for just £1.00 per month.

In addition to mobile access we will also increase your simultaneous viewer limit to 40. The extra payment will be made separately each month so you can easily downgrade again later if you wish.

Your player and demo page will also be upgraded to a fully responsive player that blends in with responsive design web sites and works directly on mobiles too.

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Add mobile to basic package.

Add 48 Hour Loop Recording To Your Basic or Standard Package

Add 48 hour loop recording to Basic or Standard packages for £2.99 per month. Records and stores rolling 5 minute clips continually over a 48 hour period deleting the oldest recording first, or you can tell us what times you would like the recordings to take place over a 48 hour schedule, if you only wanted recording to take place in the evenings or daytime for example.

The recordings will be available to download and view via your demo page and the code can be copied into your own website so your site viewers can see them too. Alternatively you can keep them for your eyes only.

Add recording to basic or standard packages.

Extra Simultaneous Viewer Packs for Basic or Standard Package

Your account will have a simultaneous viewer limit unless you have a Pro account. This is the maximum number of viewers that can access your feed "AT THE SAME TIME". If your broadcast is becoming really popular, so much so that you need more people to be able to get on to it at the same time then you can add viewers in batches of 200 extra to what you currently have.

If you add a viewer pack to your basic feed then you will automatically get a FREE upgrade to mobile viewing capability too.

Add 200 more simultaneous viewers for £3.50 per month.

Add 200 extra simultaneous viewers.

Live Channel Option - Switch Cameras And Content To a Schedule

The Live Channel option allows you to broadcast your live cameras, video's and even video adverts according to a rolling 24 hour schedule. Tell us your schedule for your live cameras and video slots and we will program the live channel schedule for you. Once programmed the schedule times can only be altered by us - But you can upload replacement videos and content for your video breaks as often as you wish. So for example if your schedule includes 20 video breaks in a 24 hour period then you are in complete control of what material is shown on your channel during those breaks.

See a live channel demonstration here. Add to your plan for £2.00 per month.

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Add live Channel Option.

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