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Fireflies - Animated Exeter from Will Donohoe on Vimeo.

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Examples of Camsecure IR Lights used for Security, Art and Animal Watch
Our solid state Infra Red lights are excellent for use with compatable security cameras or as a supplement for extra IR illumination with cameras
that already have built in IR lights. But these lamps are also frequently used for other things such as natural user interfaces, research projects,
keeping an eye on anmals during breeding etc. and also for artistic creations. Here you can see a few examples of how our Infrared Lamps can be
used for security and much more.
In this short video, artist and student team Will Donohoe, Billy
Bogiatzoglou and Ashley Gale create an interactive art piece using
Camsecure cameras with built in IR light.

It was designed for Animated Exeter and was projected onto Exeter
Cathedral (UK).

The fireflies projected on the Cathedral get attracted to the architectural
details of the arch on the west wing to form the pattern.

An Infra red camera was used to track people as they walked past, as the
audience interacted with the project, the fireflies left their positions and
followed the position of the audience.
You can find out more about the IR Fireflies project here.
A Camsecure mini IR dome used in a stable
Camera supplemented with one of our IR Lamps
IR Cameras
Matching IR Lamps
For security, nature watch, surveying, science projects or artistic creations, Camsecure IR Lamps are ideal.
By using the latest IR LED technology highly reliable IR lighting is now possible at a very good price.

The combination of cameras with built in IR lighting and extra IR lighting as required supplemented by our large
range of Solid State IR LED lamps allows you to get the results you need for any type of installation or project.