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Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Our network video recorders (NVR) are designed to record your IP cameras and store the data so it can be viewed locally on an HD monitor or streamed to your mobile device. The 4 channel model also has POE outputs so the IP cameras can be connected and powered directly from it or it will record directly from the existing network. The 9 channel model is ideal for locating remotely from the cameras on an existing network and is great when used with our wireless IP cameras. We also have professional grade recorders up to 32 channels and 16TB storage options, please contact us for details of these units.

HD IP 4 Channel NVR with POE

HD Domestic DVR Cube


4 Channel Domestic NVR

With a modern design ideal for domestic use this 4 channel NVR has POE outputs so you can connect your IP cameras directly to the NVR for total plug and play setup. Comes with a free app and P2P setup so just by scanning a QR code and entering a few details you can set up your NVR to stream to your mobile with a minimum of fuss.

1TB storage drive, HDMI monitor output, VGA monitor output
Backup to USB or via network
Working Environment: -10°C~+55°C/10%~90%RH/86~106kpa
Dimensions: 192 x 131 x 36mm

9 Channel NVR Ideal For Wireless IP Cameras

HD Domestic NVR 9 channel recording ideal for wireless IP cameras.


9 Channel NVR ideal For Wireless Cameras

Our 9 channel NVR is a network only recorder, that is there are no camera connection points on the recorder, it connects to the network as do the cameras and the recorder records directly off the network. This is an ideal unit for when you want to use our wireless cameras powered locally or our wired cameras connecting to existing network points.

NVR has all the usual features like motion detection and alarm inputs and mobile access to the NVR is easily set up via its free app. you can also connect to it remotely using a PC if you wish.

NVR had HDMI and VGA monitor outputs too.
Supplied with 2TB drive which can be upgraded to 4TB if needed.

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