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Underwater IP Webcam

The Camsecure Professional Underwater IP Webcam is designed to allow you to stream live pictures from beneath the waters surface directly to your own website. You can stream the activity from your pond or fish tank, coy carp pool or experimentation tank, for hobby or research and share it with the world on your own web site, or password protect the feed and keep it just for your own peronal use.

The underwater IP camera is suitable for permanent installation under water, although depending on the environment it may need cleaning from time to time to clear off the build up of algae and other substances that may be deposited on the lens, so that needs to be taken into consideration during planning of its installation. Two versions are available, one with white LED lights that can be adjusted in brightness from the control box and one with IR LED lights which are activated in darkness automatically.

The camera is waterproof to IP68 and built inside a corrosion resistant stainless steel casing. The cable is anti-aging, anti-stretch, hydrolysis resistant and the camera can withstand pressure up to 1000KPa. This is a purpose built camera for underwater use.

Professional Underwater IP Webcam

Professional Underwater IP Camera


Underwater IP Webcam Specification

Sensor: Exmor Sony CMOS Sensor
Max Resolution: 1440P Full HD
Resolution/Frame Rate: 1440P Full HD(5MP 2592*1944@15fps; 4MP 2560*1440@25fps; 3MP 2048*1536@25fps )
Lens:3. 6 MM, Angle: 78 °
Default focus: 4 Meter (The camera lens is clearest when it is 4 Meter away from the object) 
Illumination option: White Adjustable LED (standard) or IR LED (special order)
Anti-water pressure:1000KPa
Camera material: stainless steel , corrosion-resistant, can be permanently fixed in the bottom.
Waterproof to: IP68
Cable length: 5 meter (special wire, anti-aging, anti-stretch, hydrolysis resistance.)
RJ45 connector and power connector on remote control box
Compatible with Camsecure live Streaming Service
PSU Supplied

The underwater IP webcam comprises the underwater camera itself fitted inside a corrosion resistant very tough stainless steel camera housing with a 5 metre lead which connects back to a mini IP Video Encoder. The power supply and RJ45 network lead plug in to this encoder, which in turn connects directly to your broadband or network router. This keeps the electronics which send the feed to your website and over the Internet safe and easily accessable so only the underwater camera is submersed. longer leads can be fitted to special order.

The under water IP camera kit is fully compatible with our live streaming and webcam hosting service so you can put a real time live feed on your own site, or you can use the image pull code we supply for a time lapse update display. You can use either method to embed the feed from your underwater IP Webcam directly into your own website and we can provide telephone support and remote login to help you get the underwater IP camera running on your own site if you need it. You can choose the picture size you want and there are a number of display options to choose from.

Once the feed is embedded into your website you can view your live underwater pictures from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection on all modern computers and mobile devices with ease. We give a good discount on our live streaming service too when you purchase this camera from us.

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