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Mobile CCTV DVR - 4 Channel

Our mobile automotive 4 channel DVRs are designed specifically for use in Buses, Lorries and other commercial vehicles, Boats and Cars etc. They operate from a wide voltage range of 8 to 32 volts DC and supply a regulated 12 volts DC for powering standard 12 volts DC cameras. They are supplied in a tough metal case which can easily be bolted to the vehicle protecting them from the harsh mobile environment. The mobile DVR has additional WiFi and 3g/4g options plus dual 128GB SD card recording giving you up to 256GB of on card recording.

Mobile DVR Front Panel Assembly

Mobile DVR Front Panel Assembly.

Mobile DVR Front and Back Panels

Mobile DVR Front and Back Panels.

Mobile DVR Electrical Connections

Mobile DVR Connections.

Mobile DVR Dimensions

Mobile DVR Dimensions.

Mobile DVR External Equipment Diagram

External Equipment Connections.

From £199.99

Mobile DVR Options


1. H.264 main profile Video compression format
2. Power supply ranging from 8V to 36V DC
3. Manual, Alarm and scheduled Recording 
4. Resolution: D1/HD1/CIF/QCIF selectable 
5. frame rate: 1-25fps(PAL) or 1-30fps (NTSC)
6. Supports 4 x channels "Video & Audio" recording and playback simultaneously;
7. 6 x channels "alarm in" and 2 x channel "alarm out"
8. Video clips saved on dual SD cards both up to 128GB
9. Video file can be backed up in H.264 or AVI format and can be played back with specialised player on PC
10. With "Power-off delay" function to guarantee the DVR would shut down normally to keep recorded files safe when an emergency occurs 
11. DC12V, 3A output to power cameras directly.
12. Equipped with external HDD interface,can connect an external HDD.
13. PTZ control interface
14. Optional support for GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
15. 146(L) x 138(W)x 40(H)mm
16. Weight approximately 500g depending on options
17. 2 USB 2.0 port (support for USB back up and system upgrade)

These 4 channel mobile DVRs provide great security for you and your passengers and record in full D1 resolution from standard analogue cameras. A choice of frame rates are available and they record directly to 2 x removeable SD cards, each  Up to 128GB so you have a total of 256GB recording capacity on the DVR and the cards are securely fitted behind a secure panel to prevent unauthorised removal or tampering. Recording can be set for a number of conditions including auto record on power up, timed recording, or recording can be triggerd from a number of hard wired inputs e.g. door contacts and sensors etc.

There is a monitor output which can be used for an in vehicle monitor and the unit even comes with an infra red remote control. The mobile DVR can also be connected directly to a network via the built in RJ45 ethernet socket so there is no need to remove the cards to view the recordings on a PC and there are WiFi and 3g/4g connection options too to make connection even simpler. You could for example drive the vehicle into a bay or other area equipped with WiFi and download straight from there with no need to make a physical connection to the vehicle.

The Camsecure professional mobile DVR is a very rugged unit and small in size which together with its wide operating voltage range make it an ideal choice for Buses, Lorries, Commercial vehicles, Trains and Boats. However this neat little unit also lends itself to many other applications where a tough wide voltage range digital video recorder is required. The mobile DVR provides a stable 12 volts DC output at 3 Amps for powering standard 12 volt cameras, providing that its own supply is at 12 volts DC or higher (up to 32 volts DC supply)

As the mobile DVR uses SD cards there are no hard drives to crash due to vibration or nocks but if you need even more storage you can connect standard SATA hard drives to the mobile DVR to vastly increase storage capacity.

The Camsecure mobile DVR can be used for all sorts of remote recording applications including Solar powered systems and portable or temporary mobile CCTV instalations, and the ability to record according to hard wired inputs too provides even more flexibility.

NOTE: SD cards must be at least Class 10, or greater to operate with this unit.

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